September 21st 2017 | Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast, London and Manchester

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On Women into Leadership 2019:


  • “Another incredible event leaving me inspired and invigorated to bring the agenda of women in leadership to the table”  
    PNCO Systems Security Manager, Home Office
  • "Really inspirational! I came for work reasons, I’m interested in the barriers to parents when taking leave but I actually found the day personally thought provoking. What type of leader do I want to be? What kind of culture can I create? Really happy"
    HR Policy Lead, CS Employee Policy
  • "The event has been one of the best days of development time I have given myself in a very long time. A valuable experience"
    Deputy Director, Value Wales, Welsh Government
  • “Excellent as ever! Goes far beyond leadership and development offered by other courses. In a department where “leadership” is judged by military models, this is a much needed reminder that there are other ways to lead and that’s okay!”
    Policy Desk Officer, MOD
  • "Brilliant. Inspiring. Want to do it again"
    Project Manager, HMRC
  • "Very enjoyable and inspiring – really valuable time out of the office with plenty of food for thought – thank you"
    Deputy Director of Children's Services Analysis, DfE
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed this – a worthwhile and though-provoking day.  I run a people’s group and will now set up a women’s network!"
    Account Manager, Home Office
  • "Inspiring, precious nuggets to take back scattered all through the day. Hurrah!"
    Technical Manager, Wales Audit Office
  • "It was a wonderful experience hearing about what other successful women are doing, what we can borrow from them and, most importantly, the opportunity to reflect deeply on my own career"
    HR Director, Liberia Institute of Public Administration
  • "Empowered! Love it, love it and love it"
    Assistant Accountant, UKEF
  • "Excellent - thoroughly worthwhile and thought provoking"
    Deputy Director, Animal Health, Department of Agriculture, NI
  • "Inspirational and reflective- it keeps me going for the whole year and cannot wait for the next one” 
    Veterinary Advisor, Defra
  • "I have found today a deeply personal experience (I have actually been quite tearful!) The opportunity to reflect, challenge myself and benefit from the wealth of experience made available to us has been so very useful to me"
    Head of Operational Policy, Crown Prosecution Service
  • "Brilliant time to reflect - excellent points to take back and think on"
    Patent Examiner, Intellectual Property Office
  • "Very inspiring conference which has given me the confidence to push myself up the Civil Service chain"
    Operations Support Manager, Home Office
  • "Brilliant – very inspiring. Fabulous role models – I am going away inspired!"
    IT Delivery Manager, HMRC